Houston City Council

The Houston City Council is the legislative body of the City of Houston and is comprised of seven members all of whom are elected at large to designated seats. A Council Member's term is three years. Every Councilmember takes the oath of office.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected for a one-year term by and from the City Council at a Special meeting on the first Monday following certification of the election, in accordance with Alaska Statutes 29.20.230 (b) and Houston Municipal Code 2.04.090-2.04.100.

The City Council enacts the laws of the City, approves the annual budget, and appropriates funds to provide for City services. Through laws passed, the Council establishes policy statements which are then executed through administration.

Regular City Council meetings are scheduled for the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m.  The public is welcome & encouraged to attend their local City Council meetings.  This is one of the main avenues of providing better communication with the community for concerns, questions and comments.  

You can send email to all City Council Members using this email address:  CityCouncil@houston-ak.gov

Picture Name Seat Seat Expires Email Phone
Lisa J - Copy Lisa Johansen A October 2026 ljohansen@houston-ak.gov 907-892-6869
Jeff Brasel Jeffrey Brasel B October 2026 jbrasel@houston-ak.gov 907-892-6869
CCole Carter Cole- Mayor C October 2024 ccole@houston-ak.gov 907-892-6869
Kent M - Copy Kent Mitchell D October 2024 kmitchell@houston-ak.gov 907-892-6869
David C - Copy David Childs E October 2025 dchilds@houston-ak.gov 907-892-6869
Sandy McDonald Council photo - Copy (4) Sandy McDonald F October 2025 smcdonald@houston-ak.gov 907-892-6869
Mike A - Copy Mike Adams- Deputy Mayor G October 2025 madams@houston-ak.gov 907-892-6869