The City Hall building is located at 13878 W Armstrong Road and currently houses the administrative staff along with Public Works. It has a public meeting room where the council and other public meetings are held. A garage is located below in what used to be the old fire hall so we can keep the road grader and other equipment out of the elements year-round. This also guarantees that the diesel-powered grader will start in the sub-zero temps when snow plowing needs to be done.



The Houston Animal Shelter and the Public Works Annex is located off of West Birch Road. The annex building provides Public Works heated inside parking during the winter to prevent any loaded traction sand from freezing up while ensuring that diesel engines will start during the cold. This is extremely important during heavy snow events where the road crew needs to open the roads in the morning before many people have to leave for work. The crew does not have time to waste fighting frozen sand or waiting to get the equipment warmed up. Having equipment here and at City Hall allows the crew to start at each side of the city and works towards the middle to more effectively open the roads for the city residents. The fenced compound is also used for storage and the Fire Department uses the area for their training as needed. This is also one of the water fill sites for the fire trucks.

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The Public Works Department built a shed in the late summer of 2023 to keep the road sand in so that it stays dry. Previously the sand was left outside in the elements, so the crew was fighting frozen blocks of sandy ice for half of their shift rather than being able to put sand on the roads. Those sandy ice blocks also damage the sand feeders and spreaders causing more down time during the time where it was needed the most. The sand for the winter 2023 did not dry as much as we had hoped as we never had the hot summer weather, but more importantly the water was able to drain out of it and it did not get any wetter. We will get it refilled next summer, so it'll only get better for the winter of 2024.

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