Zero Lake Recreational Area

The Zero Lake - Houston/Willow Creek Sled Trailhead recreation area is located half a mile down Zero Lake Road, which is located at milepost 59 of the Parks Highway (AK Hwy 3) in Houston. The Parking area can accommodate up to 60 vehicles with trailers as well as recreational vehicles. There is a covered area and restrooms located at the parking area. This is a fee area that requires a permit. Two trailheads lead from this area into the beautiful Hatcher Pass recreation area. There are areas along the road system and trails for target practice (Make sure there is a solid backstop), hunting, hiking, ATV’ing, snowmachine riding, wildlife photography, or just simply enjoying the Alaskan wilderness.


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The site was constructed in 2012 and has been used by locals and the recreating public ever since. It is busier on holiday weekends and at certain times of the year. Zero Lake continues past the City of Houston owned lands and there are many different uses for the area so be prepared to meet people, ATV’s, vehicles, sled dog teams, and a multitude of other users.

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Construction Begins

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Construction Begins

Zero Lake itself is located off the Zero Lake Trail, which is more of a trail than a road, so it is not recommended to drive at certain times of the year. Currently it can only be accessed via the public lands along the west end of the lake. The area does have private property and residences so be respectful of their lands and do not trespass.

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Please pick up your trash and targets to help keep the area clean. Many people recreate in the area at various seasons so be mindful of that if you are target shooting or hunting and make sure the area is safe and there is an adequate backstop. The city road maintenance ends near the parking area.

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