Outdoor Wedding Venue at City Hall

Located just below City Hall in scenic Houston, Alaska, this stunning outdoor wedding venue offers a modern twist on natural beauty, all without costing a dime. That's right, a FREE summer wedding venue. Imagine a landscape filled with lush trees and shrubbery, creating a serene and stylish atmosphere. Central to this picturesque setting is a small covered pavilion, providing a chic yet rustic space for guests to gather and celebrate. Nearby, a lovely white wedding gazebo awaits. it is the ideal spot for a ceremony that's both memorable and Instagram-worthy.
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One of the venue's standout features is a striking treed archway, strategically placed to guide the bride and groom along a path of anticipation and romance. As they make their entrance under the canopy of Ponderosa Pines, surrounded by nature's tranquility, every moment becomes a picture-perfect memory. This venue blends contemporary style with natural serenity, offering couples a perfect backdrop for a wedding day that's as beautiful as it is unforgettable. In addition, there is also a small covered building at this location with three picnic tables and a few benches. If you have questions about details regarding this venue please call 907-892-6869 or e-mail Publicworks@houston-ak.gov.

For your Reception, The Little Susitna Campground Covered BBQ Pavilion makes an excellent location following your wedding. It is within a short walking distance and available for rent at $40.00/ half day and $65.00/full day. There is Drinking water available on-site at the campground pavilion and a large outdoor charcoal brick BBQ pit for cooking. To View the location Click here Check availability Click here

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Covered Building